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Farmer BullshotIf you are a Codrington anywhere in the world – or have a Codrington in your family – then you will be connected in some way with this family.

There are two main branches of the Codrington family that descend from the earliest known ancestor Geoffrey [Galfridus] Codrington who was born about 1300.

Robert Henry Codrington [RHC] identifies these using the letters A for the senior branch and B for the junior branch and I have added these both to my family tree on Ancestry and within these blogs.

John Codrington (of Agincourt) is numbered A1 and the two main branches descend from his sons.

RHC is mistaken in identifying Thomas as the brother of John A1 rather than his son.

John Codrington A2 is at the head of the senior branch and his brother Thomas B1 at the head of the junior.

There is a sub-branch of the senior Codringtons [defined by a small a] which were those that descended from Christopher Codrington a1, son of Robert A11 and Anne Stubbes.

This sub-branch made a lot of money from the sugar plantations in Barbados and were – for a while – known by the name Bethell-Codrington.

The grandson of the first Christopher a1 – another Christopher  – left his extensive book collection and money to create the Codrington Library in Oxford University.

My branch of the family continues from his brother, John Codrington A13 the eldest son of Robert A11, and brother of Christopher, but branches off after Robert A17 away from the line of inheritance.

Most of the Australian branch is descended from William A20, the last of the senior line identified by RHC, and his wife Letitia Wyndham.

Several members of his family moved to New South Wales.

Robert Henry Codrington himself is the grandson of William A19 so is a cousin to the Australian branch of the family.

American Codringtons can trace their ancestry through the descendants of Robert A17 and his wife Anne Allen, who resided mostly at Cromhall, Gloucestershire.

This branch is not numbered but is also the same branch as my grandmother Emily.

It was Robert Williamson Codrington, son of Richard Codrington and Amelia Ford,  who moved to Ohio in 1864.

Robert Codrington A11 = Anne Stubbes

John Codrington A13 = Frances Guise

Robert Codrington A15 = Agnes Samwell

Robert Codrington A17 = Anne Allen

John Codrington = Anne Hodges

John Codrington = Elizabeth Wickham

Richard Codrington  = Amelia Ford

Robert Williamson Codrington = Anne Barge/Catherine Pae – American branch

Robert Edwin Codrington = Mary Behrensen

Richard Codrington = Anna Maria Ford

Robert William Codrington = Mary Smith Drew  – Iron Acton

Emily Codrington = Walter Sidney

There are certainly some other Codringtons who ended up in America, and other places.

Henningham Codrington married into the Carrington family, initially in Barbados, but the family eventually moved to America.

Many slaves who worked the sugar plantations in Barbados and Antigua, or who lived on Barbuda, took the name Codrington from their owner – some are also related, mainly through the efforts of the second Christopher Codrington a2, but Christopher III also had an illegitimate son, William, who became a plantation owner.

[RHC] Robert Henry Codrington.

Robert Henry Codrington wrote two extremely useful documents about the Codrington family.

These were published by the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society and are include in the references below.

Without these documents the Codrington side of the family would have been a complete mystery.

Memoir of the Family of Codrington of Codrington, Didmarton,Frampton-On-Severn, and Dodington

by R. H. Codrington

1898, Vol. 21, 301-345

A Family Connection of the Codrington Family in the 17th Century

by H. R. Codrington [RH on inside cover]

1893-94, Vol. 18, 134-141

Chris Sidney 2014


One response to “Codrington

  1. Chris Codrington November 21, 2015 at 2:28 pm

    Hello Chris just found your blog and wish to thank you for your fine effort on some of the knottier bits of the Codrington narratives. I particularly appreciate your study of Robert of Bristol’s family and the various problems. RH Codrington is way off on the Caribbean period. Please drop me a line, Incidentally you must remember due to the breach in the family at William III bt and the inheritance of his original estates by Bethel the narratives are rife with error (intentional and otherwise) One of the more interesting aspects of the family is their apparent spread into many aspects of the Anglo Atlantic enterprise (so to speak) 1600-1750 during which many Cods appear such as Thomas Codrington with Col Richard Nichols at New Amsterdam, Capt Codrington at Placentia in Newfoundland (plantation) Bonaventure Codrington at Barbados, Robert at Barbados contemporaneously with second gen Christopher II and brother Col John. Its a fertile area for study as most of the material is full of errors and holes. Incidentally thanks for acknowledgement of William Codrington’s branch via CCIII. Still not fully at ease with that…havent found the gun yet!


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