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Claxton of Suffolk

bullshot bulletThere have been at least two marriages between the Stubbes family of Norfolk and the Claxton family of Suffolk and this page identifies the links between these two families within the Claxton pedigree.

Both members of the Stubbes family who married a Claxton were named John.

Claxton of Suffolk

William Claxton of Chediston, Suffolk
  Hamon = Alice Cockett
    Alice (b.1490) = John Stubbes(d.1525) [1]
    Unknown = Wilkins
    Richard (2nd Son)
    Elizabeth = John Marsham, Sherriff of Norwich
    William = Elizabeth Throgmorton
      John = 1.Mary Brown
        Hamond (b.1540) = [?] [2]
        Elizabeth = John Stubbes (m.1574) [3]
      2.Eleanor Sydney, daughter of Thomas Sydney of Walsingham [4]
        Thomasin = [?]
      Hamond = Anne Clarke


[1] John Stubbes

The pedigree of the Claxton family of Chediston, Suffolk shows the marriage of an unknown daughter to an unknown Stubbes, from further research this is assumed to be Alice and John.

Some documents attribute this marriage to the Clopton family, which is the next family name in the visitation [on the same page] and may be a simple mistake.

[2] Hamon Claxton

In this tree Hamond Claxton – son of John Claxton and Mary Brown, a brother to Elizabeth and half-sister to Thomasin – is shown as being 21 years old.

As the visitation was in 1561 then that makes his birth date about 1540 and working backward a birth of around 1490 [2 generations] for unknown daughter, “Alice” is about right.

Therefore a birth date of 1540 or later is about right for the wife of John Stubbes in 1574.

It does seem to me that lawyers tend not to get married until their late 20s or 30s which can be quite useful.

However the pedigree does say that Hamond (b.1540) was in the custody of another Hamond Claxton and not his father John during the visitation – Hamond would probably have been his uncle, married to Anne Clarke.

This is probably due to the second marriage of his father, John to Eleanor Sydney.

[3] John Stubbes

This John married Elsabeth Clackson [taken to be Elizabeth Claxton] on 20 April 1574 in St Clement Danes church, Westminster.

He is described as John Stubbes of Furnival’s Inn, Gent so is probably a lawyer, as are a lot of the Stubbes family.

[4] Eleanor Sydney

The Sydney family of Walsingham, Norfolk also married into the Walsingham family of Chislehurst, Kent.

Thomas, the brother of Eleanor married Barbara, the sister of Sir Francis Walsingham.

I have not yet established a link between the Sydney’s of Norfolk and those of Penshurst Place, Kent other than through Frances – the daughter of Sir Francis Walsingham – who married the poet and soldier Sir Philip Sidney.

Eleanor married twice.

Her second husband was Robert Drury (1578-1624) so she is also the grandmother of Henningham Drury, the wife of Robert Codrington – see The Other Robert Codrington.

So the John Stubbes that married Elizabeth Claxton, in St Clement Danes, Westminster,  was related to Henningham Drury through Eleanor.

bullshot bulletI have not fully investigated the Claxton family, only the marriages that were relevant to establishing the relationship with the Stubbes family, so there are some gaps that I will fill in when information becomes available.

 Chris Sidney 2014



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