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Stubbes of Gawsworth

Farmer BullshotThis tree is created from the parish records from the single location of Gawsworth in Cheshire. I have made assumptions about the relationships between the families using additional information, where available.

Dates of birth are guessed from marriage dates , assuming a marriage age of about 25, or from the baptism dates of children, where their parents [usually only father] are mentioned.

Records from

Stubbes of  Gawsworth, Cheshire

William (?1530) = ? (m.1560) [1]
  Edward (b.1561) = Anne Kelsall (m.1592)
    William (b.1594)
    Anne (b.1596)
    Jane (b.1599)
    Randulph (b.1598)
  Marie (b.1562)
  Elizabeth (b.1565) = John Mallert (m.1590)
  Ellen (b.1572)
  Ann (b.1569)
John (?1530)
  Philip (1555-1610) = Katherine (1570-1590) [2]

    John (b.1590)

  = Elenor Powell (m.1593 St Olave, Southwark)
  Margaret (b.1563)
  John (?1560)
    Bartholomew (b.1580) [3]
    Edward (b.1587)
    Marie (b.1593)
  Nicholas (?1560) = Mary Lowndes (m.1581) [4]
    Edward (b.1594)
    Elizabeth (b.1595)
    Margery (b.1587)
    Hugh (b.1582)
    Mary (b.1592)
  Jeffrey (?1560)
     John (b.1586)
    Edward (b.1597 & 98)
    Ann (b.1589)
Elizabeth (?1540) = Richard Blaggden (m.1569)
Thomas (?1540) = Emma Brother (m.1572)
  Thomas (?1573) = Ann Lowndes (m.1596) [4]
Marie (?1550) = William Tofe (m.1572)
Margaret (?1560) = Edward Gandie (m.1584)
Alice (?1560) = John Bunnell (m.1583)
Helen (?1550) = Richard Fytton (m.1577)

[1] William Stubbes

One William Stubbes was mayor of Congleton in 1595 and is also recorded in the records of parliament as being the MP for Yarmouth (IOW).

There is also a will – 1591 Will of Willam Stubbs of Gawsworth, County of Chester – referenced in a commentary on Philip Stubbes’ Anatomy of abuses, but is unlikely to be the same person if he was mayor in 1595.


[I have extracted some parts of this, which are likely to belong to this William.]

Bailiff, Congleton manor 1574-99; mayor, Congleton 1595-6; bailiff of the south parts of the duchy of Lancaster 1588-99, of the Savoy 1588-91.

Stubbs spent the greater part of his life in the service of the duchy of Lancaster.

Between 1590 and 1596 he moved from Latton [1] to Congleton, where he was the duchy of Lancaster’s bailiff, and he continued to reside there after resigning that office to Bartholomew Stubbs in 1599.

He presented to the nearby parish of Gawsworth in 1596 and the last reference found to him shows him still residing at Congleton in March 1610.

Stubbs’s surname appears frequently in the parish registers of Gawsworth, and it is therefore likely that he originated from this part of Cheshire.

[1] Latton was a parish in Essex in this context. William Stubbes was resident there in 1589, however he was only here for one year.

Wyll[ia]m Stubbes at the tyme of the taxac[i]on assessement and p[re]sentment of the said first payment of the said first subsydy kept and had his famyly and householde and was resydente and abydinge at Latton in the half hundred of Harlowe in the said County of Essex

[2] Philip Stubbes (1555-1610)

There is no sign of a birth record for Philip Stubbes, the poet, who is likely to be linked to this family.

But you don’t often find poets other than from wealthy families.

Philip was a writer who went to both Cambridge and Oxford, but did not complete a degree in either.

He is most famous for his writing “Anatomy of Abuses” and is supposed to be related to John Stubbes of Norfolk  (the lawyer and writer)  but this is unlikely.

Philip was probably from  Cheshire, his father was John Stubbes and he also had an older brother named John.

[?] I’m not sure where I found this bit of information [possibly University records] but it does fit in with the tree above.

Philip married Katherine Eames, a wealthy heiress (she was aged just 15) in 1585 and they had a son John five years later.

His wife died following the birth and she was the subject of another work by him praising her virtues.

The visitation of Cheshire in 1580 does not contain any reference to the Stubbes family.

Extract from a letter taken from the document referenced below.

He may have married again in 1593, when he wrote his Motiue to good Workes. I have a melancholy interest in printing the late Col. Chester’s letter to me on the point.

At some point Philip settled in Northamptonshire and the following is an agreement between Philip and William of Ratcliff, who is likely the cousin of William Stubbes of Watchfield, but it is not clear if Philip and and William are related.

“Philippus Stubbes de Benefeild al[ias] Beningfeilde in Com. Northt. generosus,” and the other as ” Will?mus Stubbes de Ratcliffe in Com. Midd. generosus”

The poor spelling is due to the document being scanned.


[3] Bartholomew Stubbes (b.1580)

He was the son of John Stubbes and William [1] was his great uncle.

It was probably this William Stubbes that was Mayor of Congleton and Bailiff of Lancaster, before handing this post over to Bartholomew.

There is another Bartholemew Stubbes in London who could possibly the brother of William Stubbes, of Ratcliffe, who in turn had dealings with both the poet Philip Stubbes and with William Stubbes of Watchfield.

[4] Anne and Mary Lowndes are probably sisters.

I have no other information about them.

 Chris Sidney 2014


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